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Find out how a home health aide can offer companionship to your senior loved one

Social isolation and loneliness are two of the main afflictions that can affect your aging loved one. People can be lonely even if they’re not socially isolated, and people can also be socially isolated without necessarily feeling lonely. Of course, often it’s both - humans are social beings, and without social contact, loneliness quickly sets in.

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Without attention and contact with open-hearted, communicative people, your loved one can easily slip into depression and feel severe physiological effects from the lack of connection with other people. But what are you supposed to do if you don’t have the time or energy to connect with those seniors close to you? We have an answer to that - consider our Comfort Keeper home care providers that specialize in companion care in the Orlando, FL area.

These are men and women who are expert communicators and who have a high level of empathy. As a home health aide, such Comfort Keepers will help relieve your loved ones from overwhelming feelings of loneliness and social isolation. They listen to, talk, and engage with the seniors who they are companions to, making sure that the seniors feel like their thoughts and feelings matter and are listened to.

Comfort Keepers who are home health aides provide real companionship to your aging parents, instead of just letting them watch TV or flip through old photo albums. Our Comfort Keepers take the time and make an effort to find out what your elderly loved one is interested in, what they are particularly proud of in their life, what they want to talk about and share with others, and what is important to them at that moment. Our home health specialists are “people persons,” and they make sure that the people they are responsible for feel as good as possible.

But our home health aides don’t just talk to your senior loved one and others in their care. They help out around the house with jobs that the seniors will be very familiar with, but perhaps too frail to do. So our Comfort Keepers will help out with household chores that give a sense of life and activity to the home, which is especially important if the senior is living there alone.

Remember - retirement and life in balmy, warm Florida isn’t much of a life if your days are spent alone and lonely. So contact us or call (407) 259-4034 to learn more about how we can make the lives of your loved ones so much better through simple humanity and the expertise of our home health aides.

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