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Home Health Care Agencies Can Help Seniors Prevent Fires At Home

Fire is a big concern for seniors that live at home. Seniors who have trouble with housekeeping could end up with fire hazards in their home. Smoke detectors may not be functional. Seniors who have memory challenges may forget to turn off burners on the stove. There are many ways that fires could start at home, but home health care agencies can help seniors lower the risk of fires at home.

How Home Health Care Agencies Can Help Fire Proof A Home

One of our experienced home caregivers can help seniors lower the risk of fire by walking through their home and suggesting equipment that can help seniors prevent fires and alert them if there is a fire. Seniors that are hearing impaired can use sensors that uses flashing lights instead of emitting a noise to let a senior know there is a fire, for example. Caregivers also can suggest where the best placement is for fire extinguishers and can recommend easy to use fire extinguishers that seniors can operate on their own.

Another way that home health care agencies can help seniors stay safe at home is by making sure that safety equipment in the home is always working properly. A home caregiver can keep track of things including when the batteries were last changed in the smoke detectors to make sure that they are always functioning the way that they should. A senior caregiver can also schedule routine maintenance of the water heater and other mechanical equipment to make sure that those appliances aren’t a potential fire hazard.

Senior caregivers from home care agencies can also help seniors cook meals and clean up after the meals, including making sure that the stove is off and that all potentially hazardous items are disposed of.

If you have a senior loved one in Altamonte Springs, FL that lives alone and you want to know more about the protection and care that home health care agencies provide call us today. One of our senior care specialists can answer your questions and help you decide if home care is right for your senior loved one.

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